A voyage through six centuries

The Clock & Watch Museum Winterthur is located in the historic heart of Winterthur and contains two superlative collections of international repute: the Konrad Kellenberger Clock and Watch Collection and the Oscar Schwank Watch Collection.

These form the core of the two permanent exhibitions, which are not only augmented by other exquisite collectors’ pieces from the world of clocks, but also complemented by special presentations, "guest" items, guided tours and lectures.

The multimedia exhibitions feature antique timepieces dating from the 15th to the 20th centuries and are aimed at clock and watch enthusiasts and specialists, as well as the wider public.

Permanent exhibition

A universe of ticking craftsmanship – the Konrad Kellenberger Collection

A universe of ticking craftsmanship – the Konrad Kellenberger Collection
Bernese wooden wheel clock with figure automatons, Bern region, 1793

The internationally renowned collection of Konrad Kellenberger includes iron house clocks manufactured in the German and French-speaking areas and dating from the 15th to the 17th centuries, as well as the now world-famous console clocks made by the Liechti family of clockmakers in Winterthur.

Another highlight of the exhibition is the unparalleled collection of Swiss wooden wheel clocks dating from the 17th to the 19th centuries, which is probably the most comprehensive of its kind. In striking contrast, the display also contains sumptuous and ornate clocks dating from the Renaissance era, including a unique monstrance clock made in Augsburg in c. 1600.

To the Konrad Kellenberger Collection

Permanent exhibition

The era of the watch – the Oscar Schwank Collection

The era of the watch – the Oscar Schwank Collection
Gold pocket watch, Paris, 1806. Signed Breguet, No. 1885

The former Kellenberger Clock and Watch Collection gained a remarkable addition at the end of 2012, when Oscar Schwank’s collection of pocket watches arrived in Winterthur with some 220 items, enriching the existing exhibition immensely by covering an important area that had hitherto hardly been represented at all.

Oscar Schwank bought only the best pieces and built up his collection with great care and deliberation. The watches demonstrate both technical expertise and artistic refinement, while at the same time acting as a manifestation of wealth and social status.

To the Oscar Schwank Collection

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